Trailer Park and WiFi inside of trailers

We have installed a Ubiquiti Unifi network for a trailer park. Many of the trailers are not getting good WiFi inside the trailer. The park is covered well on the outside. Yes, they are metal trailers. Anyone have any good ideas of what we should place on the outside of the trailers to feed a WiFi to the inside of the trailers?

For situations like these we just install more WiFi access pointe because the alternative is supporting the individual users directly with some bridging equipment, which costs more in the long term.

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Wiring would be costly but we could use “Access Point AC Mesh Pro UAP-AC-M-PRO-US” even though I hate meshing.

I was thinking to put in one “AP AC Mesh UAP-AC-M-US” for each unit/trailer . Once they are adopted it should not be a big deal to manage? Might even stick them in the windows inside?

Has anyone ever done one of the setups above and if so how well has it worked?

I put a UAP-AC-M-US in the window of a trailer and it worked. I chose that AP for the form factor. It was easy to mount and didn’t really obstruct the view.

You have to wire it to your LAN to adopt it, then you can just feed it with PoE and you’re good.

Just be careful with indoor AP’s, if your guest WiFi is delivered over a VLAN, and your management isn’t on a vlan, the LAN on the PoE brick will give plugged in devices access to the untagged network.

Putting them inside the trailer could get expensive, unless the trailers are fixed on-site. Customers could drive off and forget to return the access point to the office. And the more access points you add to the mesh the slower the service for all. Cable may end up being cheaper and better.