Traffic from IPsec mobile clients to IPSec site-site tunnel

Hi all, big fan of the channel Lawrence systems has taught me a lot.
I am having issues in pfSense and routing traffic from IPsec mobile clients to IPsec site-site tunnel. I am able to ping server2 on the other end of tunnel from Lan, but when I connect with mobile client VPN, I can ping server1 on Lan but not server2 over the site-site tunnel. Hope this make sense, I am a noob first time using pfSense. Thanks for any help.

Check to make sure you have the routing set up properly, also you might want to look into Wireguard as it’s works a bit better through different network setups than IPsec.

If the mobile clients are on a different subnet than the network they are connecting to, you will need to have a P2 on the mobile for the far-end site-to-site network.