Track logins and logouts?

A customer with a Terminal Server wants to be able to track when users login and logout of the terminal server, and track how long they are logged onto the server.

Is there a good way to do this?

There are some powershell scripts you can find or there is this software that can give you logs. Not really clear why Microsoft does not have native simple tools for doing this easily.

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Because, Microsoft!

It looks like you can set this in group policy: windows 10 - Is there a program or way to monitor or record or track a remote desktop session? - Super User

Another way might be to use something like Guacamole as a web to RDP interface, it has decent logging within the Guac interface.

Guac would let you shut down the RDP ports on the firewall for a little better security, also gives you the option of VNC, SSH, etc.

This looks promising

I have set it up for domain account logging within group policy. I’d highly suggest a third party tool especially if you want the client to be able to read the logs at any point. I work for an MSP and it’s helpful to remember that if you turn on logging then whoever can read the logs is going to be sucked in any time the client wants them reviewed. Best of luck to you!