TPLink Omada Scheduled Wifi access

Hi, I’m using Omada access points in a home setting and running Controller version 4.3.5 (latest). Is it possible to block wifi access for certain devices during specific times? Eg., I would like to block my kids ipads between 9 pm and 9 am. I googled around, but have not been able to find anything useful. Thanks in advance! -H

Why not create a new SSID for the kids and schedule its on-off times?

Great idea! Thank you!

This can be done in your Firewall/Router, which Firewall/Router are you using

Hi, I use pfsense. Is there a way to do the blocking there? Thank you. I also tried setting up another SSID within omada and turning that off with a schedule and that’s working well. Which is preferable? Thank you!

A seperate SSID is easier to turn on-off on schedule but also on demand when needed. For example give one more hour to the kids. Also, in the kids’ SSID you can set a different DNS with parental control, like “cloudflare families” as for an example.

Well @Hammer it all depends on how much effort you want to put in, if the answer is as little as possible then do as has already been suggested.

I’ve got pfSense and the EAP 245 running too, so I suppose you can look at the problem from two points of view, apply the control to a network or apply it to a user. The former means if one has to be punished the other has to suffer also , or the latter you can punish one child while not affecting the other.

Lol I should say I can’t afford children and the associated schooling costs, so I’m not up to speed on the current punishment protocols.

If I were in your shoes I would set up an isolated vlan which your children use, in this way you can use a separate DNS provider which has porn filters etc, then apply pfBlocker which applies more blocks on the true horrors of the internet. As pfsense can apply the blocks to an interface, if you wish to enjoy the true horrors then it need not be applied to your main vlan.

The above I think should be normal for most parents but I doubt they can be bothered with the effort.

To more exactly answer your question, you can run Freeradius on pfSense and 802.11 / WPA2 Enterprise on the access point. This allows users to have their own login and password, in their user profile you can more finely control their wifi use on a per user basis.

If their friends come round, let them use the children’s vlan with their own credentials, hence never needing to share your wifi password.

The good news is you have all the tools you need, buy a managed switch if you don’t have one, it’s basically all feasible if you are willing to put in the effort.