TP Link Omada Questions

I have the EAP660HD on the way right now, two of them. I currently have my controller on an RPi and I also picked up the 2.5GB PoE switch which is great so far in testing.

Even though I won’t use the controller to manage the switch, I’ll use the CLI, I still want the updates to come from there and I cannot get the controller to find and adopt the switch. This worries me a bit since I really hope the APs are going to be easier.

Has anyone had issues with finding and adopting devices on the platform?

My current set up is having the Pi on vlan 206 and the switch on vlan 202. Firewall is open between the two and of course they can’t find each other. Even tried using the discovery tool on my pc and even added the IP of the Pi to the web gui of the switch, still not able to find and adopt it. Not really sure how to handle that and tp link support is no real help.

Have the controller running on a linux vm and the EAP 245 don’t have any issues.

You need to have the controller version and device firmware in sync, they made a change in the past.

They are updated to the most recent versions. Used the latest version on the support site for the Pi install and then took the most recent version of firmware for my switch before I tried to adopt anything.

You can try installing the controller on linux and inspect the results. Didn’t notice an arm build for Omada, so perhaps the hack doesn’t quite work.