TP-Link and VLAN video

Just wanted to put it out there after watching @LTS_Tom 's video:

I noticed my TL-SG108E didn’t even have VLAN ID 1 as an option in the GUI (It would be 2-4094)- as you can see in this pic and warning.

I read in the comments to check “Not Member” for VLAN 1 on the port that is for example VLAN 20 (untagged VLAN 20 and PVID set to 20).

I went to TP-Link’s site and was excited to see a firmware update for the V3 plus check out the readme!

I thought “we are in business now!” Updated, proceeded to test the idea- no go. Still has the issue Tom demonstrates…

I want to host a website from a VM on my xen server on a VLAN, but I’m not trusting this switches implementation enough if that LAMP stack gets pwned and they start to recon. I’m going to end up running copper strait from the pfSense extra interface I have strait to the Xen hardware spare interface. Kind of bummed, I read those mods and thought this update would have nipped it.