Totally stumped on 10Gbe Synology upgrade

Ok, I’m really stuck and puzzled here. I put in a 10Gbe fiber connection (at IP x.y.z.162) onto my Synology DS1621+. To play it safe, I kept the existing 1Gb Ethernet connection still there (at x.y.z.2). I installed iPerf3 on it. On the .2, I get this:

on the .162, I get this:

This is already confusing why I’m not getting faster speeds from the 10Gbe connection. But get this: When I run iPerf3 on the IPv6 address of the 10Gbe connection, I get this:


So, to sanity check, I run iPerf3 on the 1Gb connection, but IPv6:

Sooooo… IPv6 is behaving as I expected, but IPv4 is SLOOOW!!!

Totally stumped here. Any help would be appreciated!!

Never mind!! Figured out the problem, it was tailscale!!!

Boy do I feel dumb!!

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Welcome to the club!

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