Totally remove HA Proxy from pFsense

I could not get HA Proxy to work and at some stage got warning (which I can’t remember what it said).

I have since found Tom’s video and so would like to start again from scratch. I therefore uninstalled the HA proxy addon but when I add it back, all my old settings are still there.

How do I completely purge it from my system?

Download the XML backup file, remove the HAProxy settings and restore your firewall. Or just delete the settings in HAProxy.

Thanks for that. There is something that I am missing as when I browse to the front end, I still get the unsigned cert warning - it appears I am not going through the proxy.

I have a video on troubleshooting DNS & SSL

Thanks, that confirmed that I am not getting served the cert that I am expecting. I will go through my HAProxy settings again.

It will also help if you can post your HAProxy settings screenshot.

Front End


Got to say the guide above was perfect, worked for me. A lot of detail. I did get an error with a missing file IIRC but I just “touched” the missing file and I think it was fine. If that helps.

Have you tried changing port to 443 under “External address”?

I think I did. I will run through the tutorial again.