Top 10 Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities

WTF why is there a CVE from 2012 on this list? Patch your systems people!

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You’d be surprised what happens on some networks. Not sure why critical security patches don’t get done, I try to keep the computers under my control patched. My guess is that patches can break old software, or at least there is a fear of them breaking old software.

I’ve dealt with enough people that hate updates, my wife being one of them, that I’m not too surprised. It’s just sad that people are keeping unpatched stuff online. I understand needing to run legacy systems, but please keep them off the internet!

Another reason I had a supplier ship me a brand new computer in a machine. Their image was many years old. I got flagged within 5 mins of being in network from our corporate security scans.
I chewed on my supplier to update their image, cries fell on deaf ears.