Tools for MSPs provided by Lawrence Systems?

In a recent YouTube video (don’t remember which one) you mentioned about opening up different MSP tools you use so other MSPs can use them instead of having to sign up with different vendors individually.

I am a small MSP and I am interested in this if Lawrence Systems is still going to offer this service?

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Yes, it is a service that we are still working out the details for. Here is part of the write up, but we have not landed on the pricing and details yet.


Great to hear. When available please sign me up as a beta tester :grinning:

Is the $120 /hr remote support for end user support or LTS to MSP support?

BTW - I have to say, I like your idea. When you’re starting out, it’s hard to know what you want and unless you’re managing 300+ end points, it’s hard to justify the cost of many of the products out there. (well at least the good ones.)


Any update on this service?

Glad you asked, yes! We have a few companies that we did some on boarding with their internal IT departments, found some things that need to be changed to make it easier to use, now we are working on the pricing.