Tom keeps saying get off cloudkey gen1

In multiple videos I’ve heard Tom say that we should be using Cloudkey gen2 at least. I’m posting to ask what’s wrong with gen1? Why should I spend money on a gen2?

I’m running a home network with unifi.

Gen1 is 32 bit, will not have further OS updates except security updates (Gen2 has an update in beta right now that brings it to UnifiOS, which is the platform used by UDM, UDMP, and UNVR, but is 64-bit only). Also security updates are an assumption based on the fact they haven’t announced an EOL for it.

Unifi controller (on all platforms) uses MongoDB which has serious corruption issues during a sudden shutdown. Gen2 builds in a battery so it can do safe shutdown when it loses power.

Gen1 exhibits stability issues around the MicroSD card, sometimes they just appear to be removed, meaning automatic backups aren’t being saved. This especially happens if powering the CK by POE because the power supply inside is inefficient and wastes a lot of heat stepping down from 48V, which can overheat and kill MicroSD cards (I’ve experienced this first hand)

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The answer could be if it ain’t broke… all kidding aside if you system is working I would not necessarily make any changes as this is a home network. Just keep in mind you equipment may end up on legacy support.

I have two access points that will be on legacy support next March. I plan on keeping them until then for sure. I will most likely keep them online as long as they continue to work. It is my home network so no reason to invest $$ till I need to. Of course if I can pickup a couple used aps of the newer version I may upgrade.

I would probably worry less for a cloud key as you can spin up a controller in a pc if you needed to until you could get a permanent solution.

Absolutely, especially once the WiFi 6 APs have good stock availability.

As long as people take the occasional manual backup (after any significant change), in addition to the auto backups on the MicroSD card which might die, this is good advice.

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Gen 1 has know issues with the mogo DB corrupting on improper shut down. Very high failure rate. No brainer to replace them as even the Gen2 are relatively cheep in the wireless industry controller costs. We replaced over a hundred of them inside of about 6 months. The Gen 2 also has other features that should make it attractive to you.

If you plan to be using any of the ubiquity line of cameras, you could opt for the cloud key gen2 plus version which has a hard drive to store the footage on.
Having an internal battery saved my controller a couple of times already when I accidentally disconnected it myself.

So for the record I have purchased and installed a Gen2 cloudkey at home now! Thanks for the feedback ya’ll.

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