To Staff or Not to Staff?


I’m curious as to what you all have seen when it comes to how many techs you need to have to support your clients.
With 2 active techs doing the majority of the work, how many end users or seats are they able to support?
For those with higher client or seat counts what have you found to be sustainable for the customer and employee happiness?


You are looking at it the wrong way, there is not a formula for calculating the number of staff needed per endpoint. You staff based on the demand created by the client. We have some clients that we almost never hear from as they are very tech savvy and never click on stupid links to win stupid prizes. Then there is this one small 5 person office that calls every time the printer says low toner. Bottom line, as long as the clients are being served and projects are being finished in a timely manner and you can take a day off, you have enough techs.


@LTS_Tom, love that answer! Looks like i need about 2 more of me then! Its always nice when people don’t click on stupid thing!

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Can’t agree more I have a client that is literally every aspect of this. Coming from a datacenter non end-user for the last decade it is eye opening. But it does give a great balance of perspective sort of like your wife calling with all her IT related issues. As always good stuff Tom.