To physical split network or not, to offload router/firewall traffic

Hi there,

I have recently stumbled upon your Youtube channel and have been checking some video’s. Great content. Wish some were a bit more in depth.

We have been changing our network for a while now, but I am stuck in between 2 consultants and would like to get some more input from others if I am going down the right path or not.
I have attached 2 schematics of how are network is now, and how I think we will go to.
For now, we are using n 8 port Ubiquiti Edgerouter, with some Cisco SG200, 250 and 300 switches.
The servers are split into 2 server rooms, with each a SG300 connected to eachother, with only 1 switch connected to the EdgeRouter.
All other switches are connected to these 2 switches.
For now, both frontend and backend are on the same switch, but we have plans to upgrade the backend switch to a 10Gb switch.
The Wifi is a mix of Unifi AP AC Pro’s and Mesh, controlled by a Unify Cloud Key. All are connected to several of the switches in the LAN.
We also have a seperate management VLan and a VOIP VLan, all mixed into the network.
The issue is the router. The consultant who implemented it wants to upgrade it to a FortiGate FG-100E basic for $3,000, which is too expensive for us.
We were thinking of a Sonicwall TZ350 or 400, which is halve the price or less.
Looooong ago I have set up a VPN link between 1 office and this LAN using 2 Sonicwall TZ100’s.
I am unfamiliar with CLI.
We have about 32 RDS users on VLAN 3 and 15 pc’s and printers/mfp’s on VLAN 0.
We have other offices with static routes coming into the LAN and also some users connecting with OpenVPN.

Please let me know what you think of this matter.


I prefer pfsense over Fortigate or Sonicwall.

A lot of people here run Pfsense ask your consultant hat they think of it … though it just comes down to your requirements and budget.

The consultant is a Fortinet dealer. So he won’t use any other brand. I will download the Pfsense and get a feel of it. I can try to set it up, but I can’t do text programming/CLI. That’s why I’m hesitant.
But my main question is, am I right to setup our network as in the picture I attached?

Cautio opinion happening: Is this consultant the one who will support long term? I ask because, when I hear consultant, I hear advisor. An advisor should be open to the best solution for you vs the best for his pocket book.

Glad you are looking into pf sense.

Fortigates are solid, but the model they are recommending is overkill. I would look at the 60F model instead. It is around $1K with 1Y support for hardware and security services such as IPS. Not a fan of Sonicwalls due to previous issues with under powered CPUs.

I personally would never put any server into an untrusted network-segment. Every device in there has l2 access to your servers…
For your Firewall selection it dont really depends what vendor it is from - only if there is someone who can handle it.
The VPN-Router job could also be done from the firewall.
Are you planning to secure datacenter-traffic or datacenter-user-traffic?

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