TinyPilot connected to Aimos 8-in-1 HDMI KVM switch

Hello Community
I’m planning to build a small PC cluster using Lenovo P360 Tiny 1L PC’s (i9 CPU with 64Gb of DDR5 and with a 4Tb M.2 internal storage, quad 4Gb NIC) connected to a TrueNAS R20. I’m thinking 3 of these machines for running Ubuntu OpenStack. The hardware will be locked in a “under the desk” server cabinet…

OoB Mgmt → I’m considering the TinyPilot KVM connected to a Aimos 8-in-1 HDMI KVM switch inside the rack. Along with the Tinypilot and Aimos 8-in-1, I’m considering adding an Intelligent PDU.

Has anyone ever played with something like this and if they did, what was the experience like, was it reliable &/or were there any “gotcha’s” you’d discovered along the way.

End goal will be the Tinypilot, Aimos 8-in-1 and Intelligent PDU will become a standard features for remote site OoB Mgmt.

Thanks in advance team!