Time to Build the Boss a Mega PC

Hi all, I’ve finally gotten the approval to build my boss a computer that can handle his rather robust working habits. Please offer any hardware advice based on the below notes.

My wants (the most important obviously)

  • Rack mounted

Notes on the Room:

  • It’s an office in a home so it’s always 60-75 degrees fahrienheit
  • Cooling and noise is a factor, so I’m thinking it needs to be water cooled
  • Current 1 Gbps connection to the UDM-Pro in the basement, will likely upgrade to 10 Gbps

Notes on the pc’s future workload:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise
    *Bluebeam, which is Construction PDF editing software, 20-30 open drawings at one time generally 2-3gb of ram usage
  • AutoCAD - 5-10 projects open
  • Revit - 2-3 Large Projects open
  • Chrome - 40-50 tabs open
  • Firefox - 10-20 tabs open
  • Outlook - 100k plus emails on multiple accounts running all day most used program
  • Zoom - frequently and on top of all the above
  • Teams - occasionally
  • Dropbox - backup running continuously. (He’s getting a Synology NAS at this same time)

He’s currently running and Lenovo i9 P1 Gen 4 with 64gb into the ground, cpu temps stay at 96c constantly under active use. He needs something robust enough that there is room for all the above to be going on and more.

He needs all the cores, all the ram, and all the GPU power.

Thanks in advance!

HP Z series workstation, they will have several to choose from, except for water cooling.

I’m guessing the appropriate level of Z is going to be in the $10k range. he’d get a lot more performance out of Revit if he’d close some of the other applications. That said, I’d see if there are performance gains from multiple video cards like you can get with some video editing applications like Resolve Suite and Blender. maybe even a mix of Intel card and nVidia card to leverage the strengths of each platform, but that’s a maybe.