Thursdays or Sundays?


Enjoyed tonight’s video that Tom did (at least I think it was a live video from tonight??? - either way - it was very good).

Which night is the best night to ask 80% business questions / 20% technical questions. I have a few of each. Nothing too big. Just not sure which night of the week is best to ask those types of questions?

Also - is it possible to e-mail those questions to you in advance as to send them to you live on the stream? If so, what’s the best address to use? I would like to hear the answers via the via stream. I find it the most interactive.

Thanks so much!

The same vlogthurday email I post on the screen ( I am not posting here because it will get spammed) is fine and yes I often answer the questions that come in there on the live stream.


I hate to ask to be this specific, but can you please post the video’s URL and where the e-mail address is? I searched the last couple of Thursday Vlogs and other than a X-handle, I didn’t see an e-mail address. Maybe I didn’t go back far enough???

I don’t put it in the description to avoid spam, but that email is:
VLOGThursday AT

Just assemble that into proper email format :slight_smile: