Thoughts: Ubiquity vs Engenius and Ubiquity vs Mikrotik

My shop just started getting into Engenius. What are your thoughts about Ubiquiti vs Engenius for wireless bridging and wifi?

Also, for switching, Ubiquiti vs Mikrotik? I like what I see coming out of Mikrotik lately, and Ubiquiti seems to be lagging behind in terms of features.


I have not really used much Engenius, last I checked their controller is not as well developed as UniFi. Mikrotik is just confusing to work with, but they are low priced. So if you take the time to learn them you can save money.

@2twisty How has your experience been with Engenius now that this post was a year ago? I was torn between Engenius and Ubiquiti a few years ago and ended up choosing Ubiquiti by default since we took over a client with 30 devices that needed to be slowly replaced. Now that they made it so the EOL devices can’t be configured with the new controller I’m starting to think I made a mistake. I like that Engenius can work without a controller if needed but the software is there if you want it.