Thoughts on the Bitdefender box2?

I was checking Bitdefender as a good way to protect the family and keep the kid from causing mayhem, and I came across the box, seems like a physical hardware for firewall and protection just anything heard of it or used it?

I have two, one at my parent’s house and one at my grandparent’s house. I generally have no complaints about them. They are capable of setting up DHCP lease reservations and port forwards, but that’s the limit of “advanced” networking options - no VLANs, only one subnet, no static routing.

Most of the alerts I have gotten are about websites with expired SSL certificates, one website that sends the password completely in the clear, and ads in mobile apps that it deems malicious. Its also caught some phishing attempts (user tried to access a known phishing domain) and the integration with BitDefender on the family’s computers (included in the Box subscription) has notified me when malware was removed from a computer or a particular person disabled the security.

thanks seems like a simple firewall itself, probably something that can be emulated on pfsense, if you combine it with the bitdefender computer software?

The security functionality is definitely not simple - it is more akin to a proper subscription based firewall (I work with Watchguard, Cisco ASA, and other enterprise firewalls for a living and I can tell that BitDefender is definitely putting a lot of work into the rules that they push to the Box). You can recreate it with PFBlocker (DNS based filtering, easy), Snort/Suricata (Intrusion Detection/Prevention, not easy), but there is no way to do integration with the security software on the individual computers.

Thanks for your information, It was usefull