Thoughts / Help on Firewall in Front of UBNT ER-4 & Underlying Topology

Question for those with Ubiquiti kit and wanting an IPS/IDS/DPI solution. I too like the Unifi line and would love to use the USG but find that it still feels lacking and certainly gets impacted when you add in IPS/IDS/DPI configs. I have an ER-4 that I use and was wondering if there are any setups you’ve completed (or advice you can give) on using a Netgate, Protectli up front (i.e. cable modem —> Protectli —> ER4 —> Unifi Switch —> etc etc and how to configure this kind of topology ? While I would love to have the single pane view with the USG completing the Unifi setup, I’m thinking PFsense and stop etc would be the better front end. Any thoughts, advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated

Other than for testing reasons double NAT is more work to manage. If you don’t need the advance features in pfsense, you can get the nice dashboard that UnFI offers. But for my office, we have pfsense at the head end because while I like the dashboard stats, we are using many of the advanced features of pfsense.

Another option is to use Untangle which offers both features and a nice dashboard.

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Hey @LTS_Tom, Have you become a reseller yet? I wonder how that program works. I love Untangle it’s well worth the fees to be honest! Nice review!

Only recently, it’s a fairly simple program, reach out to them.

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