The Subject of SSD Reliability in 2019: Advice Wanted/ Plus my Observations as a Tech

In this thread, I want to discuss:

  • Reccomended brands/models of SSDs to use in 2019.

  • Observations and statistics that you have found in your deployments.

My company has predominantly install Adata SSDs in all of our clients computer for the last 8 years, both business and residential. 80% of our trusted Adata drives that were deployed 8 years ago are still fully functional. However, over the last 9 months, we have experienced a obscene amount of SSD failures (almost 100% failure rates). The new drives we order have been failing within 2 months, if not out of the box. We quickly switched brands and started using Kingston A400 SSDs. These work, but we have already had several die. There has been in the past issues with Kingston’s firmware on these drives, but we verify that they are running the lastest version.

I am aware that there are business/server class SSD available. However, the cost is not justifiable for either residential machines, or business machines that rely on servers for data storage and processing.

We have only used a limited number of other brands in the past, but the failure rates have proven to be far too high. (I will look up said brands and insert the models and dates that they were used along with approximate failure rates)

I am looking for recommendations on what brand/model to purchase that is cost effective. I am especially interested to hear from those of you who have statistics on large numbers of SSD deployed (say like 50 of the same brand over time).

I noticed that Western Digital has stepped into the SSD market, I purchased a 500GB drive from them for my personal use about 6 months ago, but I do not have enough statistics on their reliability.


Level 1 Techs forum version of this thread: (I guess it’s ok to post both places?)

The problem with the reliability stuff, is that if you have 3 years worth of data, it’s not like you’re going to run out and buy that exact same model from that exact same build pool. I mean all the new stuff that we’re putting in is M.2, so data from the 2.5" SSDs is irrelevant, unless a certain manufacture has a much better track record overall. Even then, if a manufacture is buying the chips from different places who knows how they will hold up over time.

I’ve been using Samsung EVOs 850s/860s with all of my clients and I have not had one fail yet. Personally, I would not purchase anything else for my clients.

I also, when installing the ssd, over-provision each of them in the realm of 10-12%.

As for your point about enterprise grade drives, the catch about them is that they are meant to be in replaced when there is any sign of trouble no if, ands or buts. You don’t limp out enterprise gear, you just replace it because you have the financial resources, and backup capability, to be able to do that. This is also understood by the manufacturer, so when you have a drive that is underperforming, the enterprise manufacturer’s recommendation is simply to replace and forget.

I’ve got about 50 of the Samsung 850s out there. I’ve had one fail.

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