The OpenSource Accounting Tools We Use: KmyMoney & InvoiceNinja


@LTS_Tom Every time I watch your videos about invoice ninja I keep getting inspired to migrate from QB (on prem) to Invoice Ninja. My business is very similar to yours so curious how you handle the following:
#1) Obviously you have customers who pay by check at times. Do you just record those payments manually in Invoice Ninja and then let the actually payment from the customer flow through to KMymoney via a bank dump?
#2) Sales Tax…Where we are located there are multiple county tax jurisdictions and different rates. Invoice Ninja (the last time I checked) does not allow you to have a tax rate per customer. How do you handle multiple tax rates as well as the reporting?
#3) I will often get people partial paying invoices…Being a cash based business does Invoice Ninja do a good job at breaking out the proper percentage of the sales tax paid? For instance they pay 20% of their invoice therefore your are liable to your state for 20% of the sales tax, etc.

The lack of integration of Invoice Ninja with an accounting system like on-prem quickbooks keeps me away due to my perceived amount of manual work involved. Perhaps I am making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  1. yes, manual check entry in Invoice Ninja and dumped to KyMymoney. It also can email clients payment confirmation when we input the check which is an option we sometimes use.
  2. They have the ability configure multiple tax rates, but it is done per invoice, not per client.
  3. The system can do partial and slip payments and does have a tax report

Hey tom, great video. I had asked this in the comments but just watched your video where you requested comments/questions here. You where talking about spreadsheets to manage projects in the video. Would you be willing to share a sample of one?


I might, but they are very simple as all we really do is list out the parts and contractor costs.

Looking for a self hosted “put on a server in the office” web based accounting software.

I really enjoy InvoiceNinja and KmyMoney is also nice. Is their a kmyMoney that will run as a web based application. A self hosted kmyMoney type of applications?

Not that I am aware of, but there are a few of self hosted “Web Based” accounting software out there. I have never used them nor do I have the time to test them right now.