The link from XenOrc To XCP-NG when restoring? MTU

From my XCP-NG to my TrueNAS I have a direct SFP+ DAC connection.

On XenOrc Debian VM i have both added my management network, and the network where the direct connection is.
So it can see the remote, and XCP-NG…

XenOrc is a intermediary, as i understand… actually before I thought it was like this:
XenOrc: “Hey, XCP-NG host, Restore, go get backup on TrueNAS”.
XCP: “Sure thing, I get it myself, and I know where”
And thats the whole reason why i put in storage network with XCP-NG Center (Same place where you change management IP, etc.I have no idea how one would do this from XenOrc).
That is what is on my drawing… but i see now its not needed.

But what now if I want to optimize the MTU?.
On the direct link, I have set MTU to 9000, no problem, it is isolated.
But when XenOrc places the VM back onto XCP-NG, it uses my management network, vlan 20. And I dare not change the MTU on that section of my network again, it has only given me trouble so far… least when changing on Pfsense, because it will want you to change MTU on parent interface, before you can change on VLAN… I know it doesn’t go to my Pfsense to get routed, I don’t need to change it there, but i am sure it would screw something up?, if changing on XenOrc and XCP-ngs vlan20 interface.

All this can be totally unnessary, my storage is not even fast enough…
XCP-NG has local storage NVMe and TrueNAS Spinning Rust with some SSDs for writes, NFS share.
But what if I wanted to?.
If I could get more than 60-100MB/s restore speed.
I hope it makes sense…


I would not change the MTU on the other network as it will most likely cause issues with the other devices on that network.

ok :slight_smile: it should also work fine without.
I am glad it made sense, it wasn’t easy to explain.