The Homelab Show Episode 56: /dev/random Updates for pfsense, TrueNAS, & XCP-NG [YouTube Release]

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You asked to see other peoples homelabs. Here is what mine looks like partially torn down do to me moving. I just purchased a house and im in the process of wiring it for ethernet before moving my equipment over. Funny part is all of my equipment came to me second hand (garage sales, auctions, free, and ebay) other than the rack that i built myself out of 2x4’s. I have always been more of the people more intereseted in the infustructure of when it comes to networking. I have been learning a lot from your channel and CrossTalk Solutions. I even went and started my own on premis pbx on an Aspire Revo (max 8 extensions which seems to work). I am always looking to expand knowledge on things. I am trying to figure out how to set up raid on an HP proliant DL360 G7 so i can set up an entertainment/backup server.