The Homelab Show Episode 32:Linux Patch Management [YouTube Release]

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Working in IT I never really thought to have a home lab, but after watching this series I decided to make the switch. I’ve got 2 production servers for my MSP but don’t really want to do anything not business related.

Recently decided to put together one of my old racks and add a R710, R620x2, Juniper EX switch, Ubiquiti 24 port switch and a pfsense security appliance Got my wife to approve another network connection coming into our home.

Put ESXi 7.xx on both 620’s and the 710 will be running TrueNas Core. Thought I would try pfsense in a VM with pass-through to 2 intel 2 port gigabit nics. The EX will be for anything that needs POE, Ubiquti switch will connect everything and a VM with pfsense will be the intake for connection from ISP.