The Homelab Show Episode 23: Syncthing [YouTube Release]

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Hi Jay & Tom,
Thank you both for the wonderful content. I watch both of your YouTube channels daily. Jay, I love your videos on Linux, and Tom, I’ve been learning a ton about FreeNAS and TrueNAS from your videos! Thank you to both.

I have a question about SyncThing on TrueNAS Scale. Tom, you said in the video that you haven’t tested it on Scale but assume it’s similar to Core. I don’t think it is. Since there are no jails, I looked for it under apps on Scale and didn’t see it (although NextCloud is there ready and waiting… but I want local only sync over LAN). Docker seems to be the next best bet. Do you both agree?

I just want to install SyncThing on my TrueNAS Scale so that I can figure out how to do a single folder sync between an SMB share and my Android phone. I’m pretty sure this should be fairly simple to do but I need to get it installed first before I can tinker with it.

If you have any ideas on how to do this, I’d be immensely grateful. I’m new to Docker, TrueNAS, and SyncThing so it’s learning from scratch everywhere here! :slight_smile: