The Homelab Show Episode 18:Clonezilla [YouTube Release]

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Since you mentioned Norton Ghost, have you seen/used Ghost4Linux (G4L)?

I’ve used it in the past to clone a drive with a corrupted swap partition to a new drive by performing a bare metal copy starting from opposite ends of the disk. Even though the swap partition reported read errors, it copied the partition table and all the other partitions successfully and I was able to boot off the new drive.

Just FYI, there are two settings that you normally need to change in the Windows registry to support more than 3 sysprep. I always need to look them up because I don’t need to deal with this very often. Checking my notes you need HKLM\system\setup\status\sysprepstatus:

I typically also make images for a series of machines because that’s how we buy them, so I persist all drivers.