The Homelab Episode 127: Emulation [YouTube Release]

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Who did you go with for merch?

I’m interested in Jay’s LPI stuff, yes I’m subscribed to his channel, but if you don’t mind, could you post a notice in these forums?

I’m working on my Extreme switches again, and while there is a lot of custom commands on the front end, it is just linux on the back end. I need to sit down and learn more linux. I’m also pushing out more Debian VMs for things and again need more knowledge.

And as an aside, I really got started on a TRS Color Computer. Once upon a time I wrote a disk copy tool to get around the bad sector copy protection, did this shortly after getting the 5.25 drive and wanting to copy games to have a backup. I spent hours loading stuff from cassette tape back in the day. Spectrum based Z80 and hours of typing on the membrane keyboard, just to find out that you made a typo and had to start over.

Me and Jay are both using

I will share links once Jay has things readt.

Yeah, TRS-80’s are still interesting to play with here in 2024.

Oh wow the ZX Spectrum (as it was known in the UK) a blast from the past !!!

Mine was the Timex Sinclair branded one. We had both tricked out with as much ram as one could add, the COCO was done via soldering chips on top of the other chips if I remember correctly, and I think that was a whopping 32mb (or was it kilobytes???)

Fun old machines, and knowledge I’ve long since forgotten, and the hardware was long since recycled.

Is there an archive for all the old BYTE magazines and other mags that used to have programs printed to the pages for you to type? I spent many an hour typing stuff for Apple II and Wang clones (my bother’s friend’s dad worked for Wang so our high school had a few Wang PC machines). I also spent some time on IBM DOS PC machines with a 10mb hard drive that was “ground breaking” at the time. Learned programming in the old GO with the turtle and the pen drawing simple things on the screen.