Testing UniFi Controller 6.0.22 With VLANS Over MESH & The Problems With UniFi Products

Why didn’t they just call that bridge mode if all the AP’s automatically form a continuous wifi (mesh???)? Am I confused on the definitions of bridge and mesh?

i have this setup with uap-ac-m in place of the nanos i had a netgear managed switch after the second one it worked before now got a usw-flex-mini and it wouldn’t work. put in a service ticket and got the following response from ubiquiti

I would like to inform you that there is no option to tag VLANs if the switch is connected on the LAN port of the PoE. The only option is the client will only receive the default LAN IP from the DHCP. Tagging other VLANs on the switch port is not possible and it will not work either.

Secondly, such setup is not ideal and we don’t recommend and support like setting up Switch on the PoE LAN port. NOTE - The setup which you currently having is not ideal and it will create stability issue on the network.



Noel K.
Ubiquiti Inc.

i updated to the newest firmware and vlan traffic is working now.