Testing TrueNAS Scale 21 08 Beta 1 [YouTube Release]

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:stopwatch: Timestamps :stopwatch:
00:00 TrueNAS Scale 21.08 Beta1
01:29 TrueNAS Scale Changelog
02:25 Truecommand Scale Out With Gluster
06:00 Kubernetes Democratic CSI
06:56 Updated Application Catalog
08:15 My Setup and Testing
10:50 ZFS Memory Usage
11:50 UI Changes
12:35 ACL and Permissions
16:05 Replication Tasks


I love your enthusiasm – makes me much more excited about the SCALE project – I just wish I had more time to tinker.

You mentioned AD integration… Might as well start with Server 2022 since that is out now. I haven’t really had time to fully set up my eval, but it is working uefi and secure boot in XCP-NG.

If you feel adventurous, setting up Zentyal as your AD would be interesting to see. Another project I haven’t had time to sit down and really study. I did buy the v7 training book recently and plan to go through it as time permits. Just want to see the other side to Windows AD.

@LTS_Tom now that you have some hands-on experience with the TrueNAS Scale beta, I would like to ask for your opinion. I have a difficult decision to make and I have to make it pretty much now. I am asking for your gut feel, no more. If it blows up in my face, my fault.

I have two servers with different focus and very different hardware, but identical architecture. Both run Proxmox as the host, TrueNAS Core as a guest with PCIe SAS controller passthrough, and Plex as an Ubuntu guest with GPU passthrough.

I ended up with this architecture because that seems to be the current default stack for those with similar goals and the need for a real hypervisor to also run other VMs on the same host. (I don’t count bhyve in that category).

The architecture that I would have loved to deploy instead is TrueNAS Scale as the host, using its KVM hypervisor for the other guest VMs. Eliminating the then unnecessary Proxmox complexity from the stack.

However, when I prototyped this approach with the TrueNAS Scale alpha in January, the alpha was in an unfieldable state.

What is your current take based on your experience with the beta and based on what you heard online? Your video sounded pretty optimistic. Is ditching Proxmox a reasonable risk to take at this point?

On one of the servers, I just need a pfSense VM as a guest. The other server will run a few more VMs, but nothing that will put significant VM loads on the system. Think Home Assistant, Guacamole, and acting as the master backup server feeing an LTO tape library.

I have plenty of CPU, GPU, and RAM.

Just asking for gut feel. Because if I dump Proxmox, at least in theory a totally unnecessarily layer with TrueNAS Scale, I have to do it now. Before TrueNAS Scale goes GA.

Big Thanks!

PSA: LACP 802.3ad link aggregation is not working on SCALE. Click on link and upvote bug report