Testing firewall OS VIA VM

I would like to try out Untangle in a VM before buying hardware to run it (sadly I have no spares), I am using the latest version of Virtual Box on a Win 10 Host.

Untangle won’t even boot in the VM so far, anyone have suggestions? If I have to pay for a VM host software then I may as well just buy the box and boot it. OPNSense works well enough in the VM to get an idea of what it’s about and how to configure it. I haven’t loaded Pfsense yet.

I have never testing Untangle with VirtualBox but it does work fine with XCP-NG. I have tested pfsense and it does work with VirtualBox. To get started the hardware requirement are not very steep for Untangle so if you have an older computer with two network interfaces just give it a go.

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