Temperature sensors - POE

Heya Everyone,

This is what i would call an infrastructure thing and would be interested in feedback or how other have address this issue.

So, I have a site that has a few external comms boxes spread over 3KM and 2 huts with servers.

What solutions do people use for Temp monitoring for I would like something that is POE but after a quick Google search It didn’t really produce much.

Wifi Isn’t an option

If you have found an otherwise fitting product but are concerned about the lack of PoE, there is always the option of using PoE splitters / extractors.


Not specifically PoE but I really like the Sensor Push sensors. They are small and reasonably accurate.

If you need remote monitoring, they have the G1 Gateway which in my experience works really well as well.

Take a look at https://controlbyweb.com

I have used some of there products at remote sites, temp along with alarm contacts aka door is open.


Awesome ill give them a look!