Temperature scanning kiosks/cameras?

Anyone implementing body temperature screening kiosks? I’ve pointed out to my supervisors that for 10 cents on a dollar to most fever screening kiosk system pricing we can buy each employee a contact-less thermometer, but they are still insisting we get something and someone pointed out temperature sensing security cameras, which seems more expensive than the kiosk systems (like around $10K per camera)…
Our facilities don’t have guards at the doors and most don’t get much public traffic (all are closed to public at moment) and largest facility only has about 30 employees working daily there - many of which are under work at home orders until this whole event is done… I point out even if we collect temperature data at the door in an automated fashion, if there is no one there to verify everyone screens and follows the machines instructions, so the “contraptions” (their words) don’t do the desired mitigations anyway - for the installed cost of many of those we could hire a person positioned at the door screening everyone who enters…but I’m still being told to come up with some kiosk type of solutions…
That being said, I’m curious what others are doing for this?

At work for the last week we have used about 10 people all day long to screen employees as they enter. They also have cars idling all day long. Not sure what happens when all people entering a building will get screened when things get busy again. The amount of money in salaries and fuel would quickly equal that camera, might have done that in just this past week.

Assume each person in my example makes $20 an hour, works 35 hours per week. That’s $7000 right there, and I know they make more than that, and that the screening is lasting more than a single shift.

That all makes the thermal camera and a single person to monitor a really attractive solution!

If 80% of the population is asymptomatic, how effective is temperature scanning?
Then what do you do in the case of false positives?
Then there are HIPPA and privacy laws that you have to contend with.

Masks, social distancing, self assessments, and employment policies which allow people to stay at home who have documented symptoms or test results by a medical professional