Tech Security News Outlets

Where do you guys go for the latest security news?

Here are my usual sources list in no particular order as no one know everything. I also get a lot of things from discussions I have with friends who work in infosec.

Kreb on Security has some great in depth reporting

Talos is the same people who keep the feeds going for Snort / Suricata

Bruce Schneier is legendary and has wrote some insightful books on security.
(If you want some fun reading about Bruce, check out and be amazed)

The Security Now Podcast with Steve Gibson

This week in enterprise tech. The news blips are great,

The Hacker News

The NetSec sub reddit is good and well moderated

Tavis Ormandy is a vulnerability researcher at Google.

Troy Hunt, creator of the Have I Been Pwned site

Swift is about security and entertainment

(((Jayson E. Street))) has some amazing talks, especially about physical secuity

Hak5 has both security news, tutorials and hacking hardware

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Tom mentioned Steve Gibson great been looking at his stuff since '90; sansnewsbites feed from (the Sans Institute); of course krebsonsecurity,com ; scmagnewswire these are my main go to security news. Also follow folks on LinkedIn that have interesting things to say. Red Team Journal is another good site but posts are infrequent. I’ll post a detailed list with urls later.

Jason E Street’s youtube videos are great and Hak5 although Hak5 posts are not as frequent as they once were. Like the Pineapple; Ducky and the Bash Bunny.

I wanted to update this old thread as it came up a few times again about places I get news, besides the about mentioned sites here is a list of the current tech sub reddits that I visit: