Tailscale v Twingate v Netbird

After listening to Tom’s live stream today. I am less inclined to use Twingate. I like Tailscale, but as a non-IT professional, I find the ACLs setup to be confusing (Much easier to do in Twingate).
I found an open source project Netbird/netbird.io and was wondering what the community thought of it and how it compares to Tailscale.


For the most part, they simply copied the way that Tailscale works in concept.

But as with any product tasked with securing my data I start with the same question “Has there been a code audit?” I am slow to trust new products and especially ones that will be exposed to the public internet.

Also, if anyone has used it I would like to know at what scale and how reliable it is.

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Tailscale it is!
Any suggestions on how I can learn how to do ACLs for this?

They have documentation:

Or use ChatGPT to help you with the rules.

I too would like an audit of Netbird but apparently it is on their roadmap for this year.

As to how it works, I’ve been testing it with 12 peers with a small VPS management server (with 1.2GB RAM) for a couple of weeks and it has been very reliable. I have tested it with Linux server and desktop clients, WIndows and Android. The netbird-ui is simple but nice to have on Linux, which others only have for Windows.

It sometimes has trouble staying connected after moving from one network to another but I have found Tailscale sometimes has the same issues. Zerotier has been better at handling that for me.

The Github projects are very active as is the Slack room. The devs seem very responsive for bug reports.

Just my initial impressions on self-hosted netbird.

Netbird does indeed plan to do an audit, the issue is a good quality security audit can cost over $100,000 which means they will have to do some fund raising.

Yes, here’s hoping they manage it though. For a young project it is off to a great start and really does work smoothly already.

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