Tailscale pfsense outbound setup issue?

Hi, i’m using tailscale to connect seemlessly to any tailscale client or network using the following config in my pfsense…

But when i try to add another network ( - all other settings the same as the others, i get the following error…

Any ideas please?

thanks, Harry

PS I’m literally copying one of the mappings and only changing the destination ip

This seems like a new issue because I had the same thing and it used to work flawlessly.

Would love to know if you got a fix.

in a way glad to hear its not do to a quirk of my setup … time to go on the pfsense forums me thinks :slight_smile:

shame as its such a powerfull simple system to manage multiple customer/individual networks from a central location

There is one started and posted a picture of the error same with other people. No response from pfsense folks.