Tailscale pfsense dns issue

Hey all,

I’m trying to use Tailscale with Pfsense, but I have a weird issue with it.

I have set one of my piholes as DNS server and I override the local DNS. When I use tailscale on a client with pfsense as exit node, DNS does not work. The only way I can reach my servers is with their IP address. This means that the connection is good.

The weird part is, That when I don’t use pfsense as exit node, DNS works and I can use hostnames to reach my servers. I don’t have this issue with wireguard or OpenVPN.

Does anyone have this issue or knows how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

Did you put the pfsense or pi-hole DNS into the Tailscale admin settings?

Hey @LTS_Tom , thanks for your reply!

Yes, I did put my pi-hole DNS into the admin settings of tailscale. If I don’t use pfsense as exitnode, the resolving works. That’s whats strange about it…

small update; I can reach the pihole adminpage via the browser when the vpn is activated, so it doesn’t deny the connection. Also I can reach the internet. It is as if the DNS settings in Tailescale are ignored if I use an exit node.