Tailscale on pfSense - pfBlockerNG causes delays

I have installed the Tailscale package on my pfSense firewall. I have configured pfSense as exit node and created an ACL {“action”: “accept”, “src”: [“autogroup:members”], “dst”: [“autogroup:internet:*”],} to allows internet access.

Internet access thorugh Tailscale works but with pfBlockerNG enabled it takes a long time for the webpages to finish loading.

Just for test, I have tried to add the default “all allowed” ACL, but it does not help.

Has anyone else noticed this and is there a way to fix this?

Not something I have tested but do check if there is high CPU usage as there is a known bug currently.

Thanks. My CPU load is 28%, which I think i kind of high. My box is Celeron J4125 based with 8GB.

However, with direct connection to the LAN web pages loads quickly and finishes promply. The delay to finish loading happens only when I do web access through Tailscale (with pfSense as exit node).

For now I will just stop using pfSense as exit node and then use normal Wireguard or OpenVPN.

Maybe something extra needs to be configured when pfSense is used as exit node at the same time as pfBlockerNG is enabled?

I tried patching /usr/local/pkg/pfblockerng/pfblockerng.inc (in accordance with Redmine Regression #13156: pfBlockerNG IP block stats do not work - pfSense Packages - pfSense bugtracker). It did not affect my CPU load and web pages still take a long time to complete when pfSense is used as exit node.