Synoloyy MailPlus Server

Hello guys,

I have question did someone already tried to use Synology MailPlus Server?

We been using synology for our backup only.

I tried to setup if synology mailplus is worth to use for email?

After i been setup DMARC, SPF & other stuff all is good it feel like gmail style, and have tools for antivirus & anti spam, dnslb, attachment filter & other stuff, the speed of email sending & outgoing is good also and no blocking to other provider while i been testing.
This stuff is good also to use while i been testing.

Only question i been thingking if this synology mailplus server is still be fast after 5YRS been using?

I have not used it but I never recommend running your own mail server anymore as can be challenging to keep off the spam list from the big providers such as Office365 and Gsuite.


I have been running my Synolgoy Email server for over 2 years now, As long as you follow the rules for DMARC, DKIM and SPF with a owned domain it works well. Synology has options for both McAfee and Spam Assign along with Clam AV for virus scanning. I really like the feature that will re-write URL’s and alert on embedded URL’s that aren’t from the senders domain. I still keep a address as a backup if something does go wrong but I have yet to have any sending email blocked by receiving locations and never have lost an incoming email.

I do suggest that you test your domain on a regular basis, I do it once a month here:

I agree with both Tom and Ron - running your own mailserver is still possible, but barely, and never worth the battle for clients. I’ve been fighting the O365/Gsuite monster for along time internally and am slowly caving to the reality. I still have one Zimbra server running for one of part of my business and it works fine using Scrollout F1 as a frontend gateway and DuoCircle for SMTP relay - but I will probably give up that battle and move that to Google Workspace soon.

Thanks for the information Tom,Ron, Davesn

Yup i been following the other stuff for dmarc and also teaching the users and control also in admin for limiting the size file of attachment.
Yup i been using mxtoolbox & zerobounce for blacklist checking, as for now nothing on the list of blacklist seen we are testing.

Question Ron the speed of searching of email is still the same when you start it? How many users are you using and what device.

I’m using rs1619xs+

Thank you.

I have 10 users on my NAS that represent both family and business accounts for our side business. We are using a 1019+, we end up with about 10 to 15 emails per business account per day and about 30 to 60 emails per personal account per day inbound so it’s not too high volume for receiving. We have done some testing with outbound mailing lists but I don’t want to upset the spam gods. I think we peaked with about 1,500 outbound in one day and just under 2,000 inbound. We took a beating due to covid but things are picking up again. I really need to get a second NAS just to backup the mail service right now just backing up the data/emails.

As for search, not seeing much impact with these low volume. Search seems normal.

Intresting to here that you are using Synology MailPlus Server. I would like to try that also to learn more. I started but failed to understand how to handler the Lets encrypt certificate. I have one external IP and I let the pfsense handle that for the domain I own and would like to use for the mail domain.
Do you have a simple sketch over how you setup this?
I lack the knowledge and/or imagination for how to setup this in a good way.

The Quick Start guide from Synology is a good place to start:

Don’t forget to read that administrators guide:*MTYxMzYzMTgyMC4zMDUuMS4xNjEzNjM2MzI1LjU0

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