Synology to backup files from PC with multiple users

I have a project where the customer has a single multi-user shared PC where different users log in depending who is on shift. Each user uses an application that saves their work in a “hard coded” location for the that user’s profile (i.e. C:\Users\User\AppData\Application\Data). I have looked in registry and for *.ini or settings/config files and can not find any way to modify this unfortunately. What I need is have their respective files synchronize to their Synology home folder in real-time. This way their work is backed up and they can see their work, we can give manager(s) permissions to see their work but they are unable to see each other’s work. Is it possible to setup the Synology Drive Client to backup each user’s files to their respective Synology home folder in real-time while they are logged in.

For example
User 1 logs on during their shift they create files
as files are created they are copied to User 1’s Synology home folder
User 1 logs off and User 2 logs on
User 2 starts work and creates files
as files are created they are copied to User 2’s Synology home folder

I have tried but I might be missing something because it’s not working
Is there a better or more elegant solution?

What would you do?
Thank you in advance :wink:

If synology does not have a sync client you can install, you can try to create a short 1 line script with xcopy in a bash shell and have it run automated with scheduled tasks.

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You can just set the user’s directories to be located in the “Home” folder for Synology Drive.

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