Synology - Syncthing package working?

I can’t seem to find any good info on this. For some reason, Syncthing will not start on my NVR1218.

I have installed the package from the community repo, it installed correctly. Hit the ‘Run’ button and it thinks for a few seconds then does nothing. No matter how many times you hit the run button, it just doesn’t.

I SSH’d into the box and checked out the syncthing.log, all it ever says is something along the lines of “Starting Syncthing…” No errors of any kind.

Kind of at a loss. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have never tried Syncthing with Synology, but you could also build a VM and install it manually.

Unfortunately, the NVR1218 is somewhat limited. We had originally gotten it to manage our cameras but ended up moving to BlueIris instead. So, now I have this half-useless Synology box. Syncthing would be amazing, but I may just use it for an extra SFTP dump location.

Appreciate the reply.