Synology Syncthing container Volume and shared folder problem

So after a few months I am revising docker/container synchting in synology.
I think I figured out that I need to add the volume. In the Synology containers app I go to my synchting container and then I go to settings. I mapped the following volumes to the folders in diskstation as follows:
/docker/photo to /home/syncthing/photos
and I also added:
/docker/photos to /homes/syncthing/photos
The reason I did this is becuase I am not sure if the mapping would work when using a folder with either the path /home or homes
The admin user can see all home folders under /homes but I am not sure how diskstation and docker are handing that.
In either case, I added a few picture folders under the user syncthing
So I have folder as follows: /home/syncthing/photos/ and in this folder i have folders such as 2023 2022 and so on
I think the path looked at by the container is /home and not /homes. I say that because when I go to the synchting GUI both folders seem shared (that is no errors as I used to get) but only the /home folder shows a single folder inside. This is where my problems gets worst. the GUI indicates there is only one folder there and nothing else. I have multiple folders with many pictures.
Is there anything I am missing?

I have never run Syncthing with Synology and tested the permission when mixing it with other apps. Hope some else has some insights here that can help.