Synology Surveillance Station, camera quality settings

I have an RS814 and 8 Unifi UVC G3 cameras. When cameras are set at 1920x1080, 6000 kbps bitrate and 30 fps, enabling three cameras will peg the CPU at 99%. I have been playing with backing down the quality, but wondered if anyone had some advice on settings that work well in practice to give the best image quality while minimizing the hit on resources? Thanks.

Not really, the issue is that the UniFi cameras only really work well on the UniFi hardware.

Ouch. Guess I should’ve asked first. Thanks Tom.

I’ve had good luck using Reolink cameras on my Synology. I have 4 that have run up to 2560x1920 smoothly, but I dropped them back down to 1080 30fps for space reasons.

Using the RLC-410 camera: Reolink RLC-410 - 5MP PoE Bullet Security IP Camera