Synology RS2421RP+ and Toshiba HDD 16TB MG08ACA16TE


This is my first post on this forum. Lawrence’s YouTube channel helped me a lot.

I am planning to buy NAS Storage Synology RS2421RP+ and 10 HDD Toshiba 16TB MG08ACA16TE, but this HDD is not on Synology’s HCL list.
Will they work on this NAS? I am usually buying HDD from HCL list, but this time, they costs twice as much as Toshiba HDD. I am form Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, so prices over here a bit different on the bad side :slightly_frowning_face:
Does anyone have any experience with this combo? :slight_smile: Any advice is appreciated!

Not a combination that I have tested.

Just a brief info:
I have contacted guys from and this is their answer:

Yes, the drives have been fully tested with the Synology RS2421RP+. They work perfectly.

It would be very interesting to make a lab and see the difference on Synology NAS, HCL HDDs VS NonHCL HDDs. Because, Synology is just to expensive vs regular HDDs, and we all know that Toshiba is producing HDDs for Synology.

So what’s the point in paying twice as much, just to have regular FW update on HDDs? When, until now… QNAP or Synology NAS worked just fine with any NAS HDDs…and now all of the sudden know we have to buy HCL drivers! Because they recommend it! Come on…

I ll make a purchase of this Synology NAS with Toshiba drives and let you know how it goes.

Kind regards!

Hi Tom,

I have seen your video about HCL list for Synology but you were referring to FS series.
I own the RS2416RP+ FW version: DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 3 and when one of my HDDs failed,a month ago, I could not find the exact disk, so I bought the most similar. When I tried to add it to my NAS, NAS warned me that HDD is not on HCL, Am i sure that I want to add that drive, and I sad YES, because old HDD was EoL.

After adding that drive to my storage pool, everything worked without any later warning about my storage pool.

Here are my screenshots:

So the statement is not completely true, because you were referring to FS series NAS.

Kind regards, Mario