Synology RS1619xs+ camera issue

Started a ticket with them last night but still don’t have any answers. We are running the latest versions of DSM and surveillance station. After adding two of the 13 cameras everything seemed stable then I went into the Stream 1 settings on the first cam and adjusted the bit rate to constant 8000 and hit save, then went to the second one to do the same and wouldn’t let me save settings and the NAS locked up. At that point the only way to get back to DSM or surveillance station was remove the cameras from the camera VLAN and to power cycle it from the front of the rack. Not sure it would matter but we are using their 10G card (LAN5) for corp access and LAN1 one is assigned to the camera VLAN. Was initially accessing it direct through Tailscale so removed that just in case and logged in from the local LAN and the same thing happened after repeating those steps. These two particular cameras are older 5mp Vivotek’s but don’t have the model numbers handy. Figured I’d throw us up here and see if anybody had any ideas while waiting for Synology.

I have never tested those cameras but I have not encountered any of those issues with Synology either.

Update…went back through the whole process again and this time didn’t touch the bitrate and added three cameras. Within and hour LAN5 was unreachable but was still able to get into it from LAN1. About two hours later LAN1 was unreachable too…so adjusting bitrate was unrelated and just happened to lock up while I was doing it. This NAS was running without issue for a couple months but wasn’t actually doing anything while we were waiting to cut over the cameras from the old QNAP. We have over 100 wired and wireless devices on this network consisting of a Meraki MX100, Unifi switches and Unifi APs with no issues so don’t think its network related. Still waiting to hear back from Synology about the debug logs…will report back when they reply.

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