Synology NVR and cameras

I am looking at purchasing a Synology NVR with some cameras, but I am unsure which cameras to purchase. What cameras does everyone recommend? I would like to get the best quality possible without spending a large amount of money.

The Reolink one have been ok, but not great in terms of failures, Hikvision have held up well.

I have a Synology DS216j with this camera connected. Never had any issues after getting motion tuned.
(Need to clean dome but good night vision too) For this model I decided to lower resolution to get more FPS.

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Was installed in October 2019 FYI.

If Synology are anything like QNAP there will be a couple of “free” licenses based upon the unit, if you want to add more you will have to purchase more licenses. Depending on your needs it might work out cheaper to buy more bays. Most cameras seem to work but it’s best to double check on their site.
Nb. I’m referring to the NAS units.

Hey Tom, I was interested in using the Reolink 5MP cameras with Synology or Blue Iris, but according to the Reolink web site…

“* All Reolink security cameras work with Reolink NVRs ONLY.”

This is odd since Synology does list this model as compatible:

Maybe Reolink just wants you to buy their NVR? Weird…

So I am looking at other low-to-medium priced PoE cameras which will work with Synology. (Axis cameras are great but out of this customer’s budget).


Amcrest or Hikvision work as well, check the model numbers in the Synology database.

I was just asked the cost of adding some IP cameras to a home.

Looked at the price of a Reolink cams and NVR package, really cheap compared to IP cameras plus a NAS + PoE Switch.

You might want to consider that based on price.

If you’re looking a 2 bay Synology NAS want more than the 2 free built in licenses that come with the NAS units, take a look at the NVR1218. It’s around the same spec as the DS218play (2 bays. dual 1GHz cores but 1GB DDR3 instead of DDR4) It’s a similar price but has 4 licenses built in which would be $100 extra to add the the DS218play. It also has an HDMI output for monitoring.

I’ve got a Reolink RLC-411W connected to my Syno NVR just fine, I suspect they don’t prefer you skip over their NVR software but I don’t see anything that would prevent it. HTH!

Thanks Chris, that’s what I figured, just concerned that REOLink might not support it going forward, and my client questioned my suggestion of REOLink after seeing this on their website. I am probably going to go with (the more expensive) HIKVision cameras anyway…

I’ve heard great things about HIKVision but I haven’t bought any yet. I checked and am on the latest firmware on the reolink, it’d be pretty weird to not support ONVIF, heck, even Ubiquiti cams can be used on other NVR’s but better safe than sorry in a customer deployment.