Synology nested folder permissions / access

I have a group of users that I only want to be able to access a particular folder. For example…


I don’t want the group to be able to access Project002, Project003, etc.

I have tried providing this group to have all permissions for the Project001 folder, but when I do this, they can traverse the whole Projects folder. If I deny access to Projects and everything else within it (except Project001), they are not able to access the server at all.

Is there a good tutorial out there on how to understand and implement strict access to folders/files on a Synology server?

Thanks in advance,

Not something I have spent much time testing with Synology. They do have a write up on how their permissions work here:

I see this once in a while in some of my boxes. You may want to go to the subfolder permissions and under Advanced, you can make inherited permissions explicit. After that, you can just remove the inherited group(s) and add/remove specific users and adjust permissions accordingly.