Synology Hyper Backup Fails

As many of you probably now know:

For business cloud backups, Hyper Backup is slow. It’s very slow and because of the latency between source and cloud, I get at most 3-5MB/s. This sucks if you’re trying to backup or recover TB’s worth of data.

So looking at some kind of alternative to backup the Synology for our off-sight backups. Maybe some kind of tape product? I know, tapes are old school. But if you need them they are fast and secure. Maybe Veeam? Unable to research it since r/synology is down, but maybe I can backup the Synology NAS with Veeam?


I’m pretty sure Veeam can backup to your synology via SMB or NFS.

Backup to… or backup? I need to backup the Synology itself.

Towards the bottom there is a list of the supported ways to backup a synology.

right, yep. So in my post I stated hyper backup, which is Synology’s suggested way to backup, doesn’t work for a business to the cloud when backing up large amounts of data.

I’m looking for workable alternatives.

Looks like everyone is having issues with hyper backup and the cloud. Unfortunately synology doesn’t give any other supported way other than the link I sent.

Things to try

When backing up to an online source the gating factor will be your upload speed. Take an incremental approach to building the entire backup. Select an amount of data that can be backed up in the desired timeframe. Once that runs, add more folders and repeat. Depending on the amount of data to be backed up, it may take weeks to build a full backup. However, after that, each backup session only uploads the changes, so the sessions will run much faster than when you were building the initial backup.

Also, consider breaking the backup into multiple tasks instead of one large backup. The primary advantage is that if a backup is lost/damaged for some reason you lose less data (it happens). If you’ve one large backup and you lose it, you have to start from scratch for the entire 2 - 4TB. If the lost backup held just 1/4 or 1/2 your data, it will take less time to build a new, full backup. Also, you still have the good backups for the rest of your data.

Breaking the backup into multiple tasks also lets you prioritize things. For example, you may want to backup home folders daily, as their contents are likely to change from day to day. An archive holding files that rarely change may only need to be backed up once per week.

Coloring outside the lines

Not sure how your infrastructure is set up (SMB, NFS, iSCSI). But you could try to setup an rsync server and try to replicate the data on your synology to your cloud provider. Not sure which provider you have as to how complex your script needs to be.

I don’t have any rsync setup, but I’m open to all suggestions and any cloud provider. I’ll make whatever changes I have to.

For hyper backup: the issue is Synology’s application and it’s issue with any latency. Any noticeable latency at all, like the kind you’ll find connecting from one source to another on the internet, causes massive speed issues. I keep hoping that someday Synology will acknowledge the issue and fix it… but I’m not holding my breath.

That’s why you google “hyper backup is slow” and get so many returned results.

Local backups, hyper backup is super fast. cloud backups, hyper backup is not viable for business.

I should mention cloudsync works great to sync to the cloud. But it’s only a sync, not a backup.

What is the internet connection from the Synology? Our Hyper Backups work great to one of our datacenters. Depending on the customer connection of course. One of our customers has a 1Gb fiber symmetrical and I consistenly see 200-400mbps transfers.