Synology Help - Synology Drive Client vs Cloud Station Drive

Hey Boys and Girls,

I know quite a few of you do Synology stuff. I have a new customer with an RS1619, they seem to have a combination of Synology Drive Client and Cloud Station Drive installed on their devices.

Can anyone suggest which is the “best” for syncing files to laptops / devices that are not on site with the device. I’ve done a bit of reading and think that I want the Cloud Station Drive but am still a bit unclear.

Thanks in advance

I know my staff has been doing some testing with it, but I don’t think we have any clients that have it in use so i am not certain about best practice with it.

Hey Tom, thanks for the reply.

Are they not using either Drive Client or Cloud Station Drive? Just using it for SMB on the LAN?

Having done a bit more research it looks like Drive client is the “new” version and is supposed to replace station drive.

Yes, SMB on LAN, backup system, and VM storage are the most popular use cases.