Synology FS2500 transfer speed

We are building a mobile rack solution for a client. It has a 2019 Mac Pro with OWC 64 TB Nvme PCI-E card to record 8 streams of video in ProRes. After the shoot they want to dump the footage (as a backup) to a Synology FS2500.*
The unit is not going to be connected to the internet. It will travel to a location.

*FS2500 was picked because

  • the client has experience with Synology
  • 1U + depth is ok for the rack
  • rack-mountable

Here is the hardware list:

  • 2019 Mac Pro (128 GB RAM), ATTO 2x25 GbE NIC, 64 TB OWC Accelsior 8M2
  • FS2500 8x7 TB Synology SSD, 8 GB RAM, Synology E25G21-F2
  • link aggregated 2x25 GbE ( DAC, directly connected, no switch
  • Raid F1

I want to maximize the transfer speed. We think one show will be ~8 TB, which means 2-2.5h backup time after the show. I couldn’t push the speed above 1-1.2 GB/s. Test files are 2x100 GB files.
(I contacted Synology support, but I would appreciate it if someone has an idea.)

Here are the things that I tried:

  • SMB (macOS) - 1.1 GB/s
  • FTP (no encryption) - 1 GB/s
  • setting min SMB2, logging disabled
  • indexing disabled
  • no IPv6
  • running Synology Memory Test (no issues)
  • no bottleneck on each device (10-20% max RAM, CPU usage)
  • Setting the NTP

Is this the max speed? Can be better?

I have a video comparing performance of raid type in Synology here:

Thank you!
Based on your video there is not a lot of difference between RAID10, RAID6, or F1.
I hope support can help with the configuration.

you link shows as what? sounds like you’re at 10gb

No, I double-checked and I tried with LAGG 2x25GbE.
Today I talked with Synology Support. They asked me to do an iPerf test. I created 4 Docker containers on Synology and used 4 terminal windows. I was able to achieve 2.5 GB/s (~20 Gbit/s).

I have to do one more test, but according to support, it should do more. Currently with Blackmagic Speed test I get W: 950-1000 MB/s R: 2100 MB/s

To follow up, here are my notes. I had an extensive meeting with Synology support. We tested the network connection, and that wasn’t a bottleneck.

Technically, with eight drives, this is the maximum. ~900-1000 MB/s write.

Today, we received an extra 8 GB stick of RAM. I retested everything, and I got 1100-1200 MB/s. It was able to sustain 15-20% more, which was a surprise for me.
According to Synology Support, if we add more drives, we can achieve higher speeds. There are four bays unpopulated.

Final setup:

  • 2x25 GbE LAGG (direct connection)
  • RAID F1 (8x 7 TB SSD, 41 TB usable)
  • SMB
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Indexing, encryption off