Synology ds1621+ Vs QNAP?

Looking at Synology ds1621+ unit or maybe their new DS1522+ unit for NFS, and SMB storage. Currently running TrueNas on a PowerEdge T340, but tbh it’s power consumption here in the UK is a problem.

So the plan was to sell the server off and transition to a Synology or QNAP. The PowerEdge has Dell SSD and SATA drives fitted 2 x 1.TB and 2 x 10TB, which maybe of use in a QNAP, but not in the Synology.

I may sell the disks though as I also have a pile of WD Red + drives - 3 x 3TB and 4 x 4TB.

Storage requirement is personal, Plex, NFS for VMs and SMB for Windows. I also sync to Backblaze for backups.

IMO think QNAP is hot garbage. So many security issues and software issues that I think its not worth it. If I were to recommend one it would be Synology, hands down.

TBH that’s why I moved away from QNAP originally. Shame you can’t get DSM with QNAP hardware…

Synology and their hardware lists and locking it down more though is a pain.

Another options is to build yourself a low powered turenas box with the money you get back from selling the server. That way you don’t have to migrate any data. Just backup the config and import on your new system. IMO that is what I would do. Can’t beat ZFS and turenas has been super solid.

That is an option and TBH I’m re-reviewing what I can do re TrueNas Scale etc.

Looked up the drives I have again, 2 x 1.6TB Dell SSD and 2 x 12TB Dell SATA drives. Anything from Synology or QNAP just gets expensive TBH and lost flexibilty

To be fair, most of these security problems are an issue if you expose the nas to the Internet, behind a vpn you ought to be OK for most of the vulnerabilities I read about.

True, but why would anyone invest in a company that neglects serious vulnerabilities to then the end user has to find workarounds to prevent the vulnerably from being maliciously exploited? Might as well not go with them at all.

I went with QNAP several years ago to replace several ReadyNAS systems because they had better CPU selections then synology. It worked well for many things for quite a while, but i continued to have issues. As i sit here today, a drive failure has decided to completely lock me out of the system so it cant even be accessed. Im done with them.
i converted our file system to TrueNas a couple years ago (on 45Drive hardware) and that is a much better solution
Not sure synology is any better then qnap, but im going to give them a try for our nvr.

Ah yes I remember that now.

Main use I’m trying to get back is Plex and easy. In Synology do they have the ability to create VLAN sub interfaces off the main interfaces. So for example I create a LAG and then have a sub interface for VLAN 10, 100 and so forth?

I was able to do this with QNAP and currently do this with TrueNAS.

I may explore what is possible via IX systems, but being in the UK I don’t think it’s feasible. Shipping, taxes and so forth.